1987 Single (Desert Kid Records 87003)

Hermann Lammers Meyer
Moonshine Ladies / Neon Leon

Recorded at Arlyn Studio, Austin, TX
with Jimmy Day, Johnny Gimble, Michael Ballew, Marcia Ball
produced by H. Lammers Meyer, Jürgen Koop




1984 Single  (Desert Kid Records DK 002)

Emsland Hillbillies
Fernfahrer Hermann / Radarwagen

produced by Hermann Lammers Meyer / Achim Reichel - 74/84




1981 LP: Texas Lone Star (U. Möhring, Rich Helt, Steve Reynolds)

In the Desert

(Ja Records 7033) - produced by Ali Alterbaum, Ulli Möhring




1981 Single: (Ja Records 7033)
Emsland Hillbillies - Texas Honky Tonk Band
Texas Country Road Show's Back in town

Barstool Paradise (Duet with Marion Lammers Meyer)

produced by Hermann Lammers Meyer, U. Möhring, A. Alterbaum




1981 LP: (JA Records 7032)

Texas Country Road Show Vol. 2 - Back In Town
feat. Hermann Lammers Meyer, Clay Blaker & Texas Honky Tonk Band, Texas Lone Star (R. Helt, Steve Reynolds, U. Möhring), Emsland Hillbillies

produced by Hermann Lammers Meyer, Ulli Möhring, Ali Alterbaum




1979 Single: Emsland Hillbillies

Wieder auf dem Sofa / Die gute alte Sonne

(Ahorn - Teldec 6.12545) - produced by Achim Reichel




1979 LP: auch als MC erhältlich

Emsland Hillbillies - Bauer Barnes Mühle

(Ahorn - Teldec 6.23981)

produced by Achim Reichel




1979 LP: Texas Country Road Show

featuring HLM, Clay Blaker & Texas Honky Tonk Band, Jimmy Day, Emsland Hillbillies, Lisa Morales, Texas Lone Star (Bear Family BFX 15035) produced by Ulli Möhring & Richard Weize

Let's Get Drunk And Party All Night Long / A Fool Such As I / Lone Star Gal / Texas Arizona Highway / The Only Thing That I Have Left / Diamondheart / Superkicker / Crazy / You Drove Me Back To Drinkin' / Gone A Million Miles / Tapedeck In His Tractor / Sweet Baby Jill




1977 LP: Texas Lone Star :

feat. Rich Helt, Ulli Möhring, H. Lammers Meyer, Bryan Seegers

Desperados Waiting For The Train

(Bear Family Records BF 15011) - produced by Rich Helt, Ulli Möhring, Richard Weize for Desert Kid Productions




1977 LP: Emsland Hillbillies : Endlich

(Nature/Metronome 60.049 )

Producer: Achim Reichel, Gorilla Musik




1977 Single: Emsland Hillbillies:

Ich weiß etwas was keiner weiß / Emsländler

(Nature/Metronome 30.046)  - Producer: Achim Reichel




1975 Single: Emsland Hillbillies:

Rock'n Roll Cowboy / The Trucker
(dedicated to Red Sovine)

(Desert Kid Records DK 001) - produced by E.L. Hillbillies




1974 Single:

Emsland Hillbillies with Dennis Baxter and Larry Bolan:

Legend Of CD / Country Girl

(Good Time Records)

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